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Makoto why are you showering with the door open ? image

 Makoto why are you so sexy (look at your back) ?image

 Makoto why are you so cute (look at your hair) ?image

Makoto what is this lame excuse with the towel (the towels are supposed to be in the bathroom, aren’t they) ? 

Makoto why can’t I get over your shower scene ?? Baka Haru why did you leave the room ???

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when shipping eren with anyone it’s important to ask yourself if carla jaeger would have approved.

She’d approve of Levi because he’s such a good cleaner

righto. because as a mother she obviously would place cleanliness over the…

"Would his mother approve?" is, frankly, a fucking stupid question anyway.

When I think about dating people, I don’t care if my mother would approve. If you’re considered legally an adult, your parents’ views on your relationships are null and void. You can consider them if you wish, but you don’t have to. So whether Carla would have approved of Eren dating Levi/Armin/Jean/fucking Commander Pixis is of no concern of mine when I write my unrealistic daddy kink porn or whatever.

Also, it’s fictional. I can write an Eren-centric gangbang if I want. It’s not hurting anybody. Just because you ship/write something, doesn’t mean you approve of it IRL, or maybe somebody should be arresting Thomas Harris or George RR Martin. Age Eren up if you want to ship him with Levi and the age gap bothers you or whatever. Who the fuck cares? Writing problematic shit doesn’t mean you condone it.

woah woah take a chill pill there. seriously i always let out a deep sigh of frustration whenever i see a reply to a post i wrote because it usually means someone blew something out of proportion.

is it really that frustrating to you that i made a post that was intended to be kind of whimsically cute with just a dash of denial that carla jaeger is dead? it’s not like i tagged this. it’s not as though it’s deeply disturbing you on some level that transcends time and space. hell, maybe it is, i don’t know you.

it was supposed to be a small post that makes you go “heh that’s true imagine what she would think of X.”

i didn’t make it because i wanted to lay the smackdown on anyone or because i think that every relationship needs parental approval i mean sweet snap crackle and pop it was meant to be a cute thing that made eremin and eremika shippers smile. however, i did end up laying the smackdown on that particular reply because i feel like they completely missed the point of the post and went totally into the left field. not to mention i don’t exactly ship ere//ri and i wasn’t too keen on my post turning into that.

look, i’m completely entitled to handle replying to posts and making posts however i damn well please. i do not need to hear that you can write stuff as problematic as you want without fear of repercussion. good for you. go do that. please don’t dump stuff about eren in a gangbang onto my post.

now kindly leave my post and my blog and take your unprovoked attack and shove back it up your ass.

I aint even mad tho? Like my reply was directed towards the people who decided to make it about Ereri versus anti-Ereri. You’re the one who needs to chill out. This wasn’t about your original post. Somebody was all “Let’s talk about Ereri”, then somebody else was all “I’m angry about Ereri”. If you check who I replied to, I was responding to some stuff about ship wars, pointing out that people take shipping too seriously, and presume people condone their ships IRL.

OK, so I’m going to presume you’re pissed about the first part? In which case, do you actually think I’m responding seriously, considering how my reply contains the words “unrealistic daddy kink porn”? Are you seriously getting aggressive and telling me to shove stuff up my arse over this? My whole point was that people need to chill over this shipping business. Mate, you’re the one who needs to chill if you get that pissed over stupid shit like this.

Filed under i'm actually amused rn why would you even get that pissed over this? if i'd said something prejudiced i'd understand but not really tho

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I am all about Bucky thinking that Captain America is a goddamn joke

and that it’s an even funnier joke when he finds out Cap is Steve

Because he knows Steve SO WELL he knows ALL THE WAYS he at once fits the persona perfectly and all the ways he doesn’t fit it at all. Steve…

Isn’t this basically canon though? Like, in the 21st century, everyone expects Steve to be wholesome, apple pie, patriotism-and-liberty *Star Spangled Banner playing in the background*, when, in reality, he’s the queer son of a single working Irish immigrant mother, and grew up with a slew of disabilities. He is a fierce advocacy of social justice, and could almost always be found fighting in alleys. He associates with every minority capable of turning a republican’s hair grey with their mere presence.

I mean